The Weirdest Places Normal People Have Ever Seen Celebrities In Public 

Brandon Michaels
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Sometimes, it's easy to forget that celebrities are people, too. Behind all of the glitz, glamour, and cameras, they're just people whose jobs happens to be in entertainment. Just like how there are sad celebrity encounters, there are also strange and odd celebrity run-ins. Celebrities are occasionally spotted out in the wild by regular people just doing regular things, from family reunions to a back alley behind a bar in Australia. Every now and then, regular people even catch celebrities parking in handicapped spots as they run into the store. Hey, we're all human.

Nothing excites a small town more than unexpected celebrity sightings at local pizza shops, bars, and stores. Imagine sidling up to a barstool at your favorite joint to find Charlie Sheen sitting next to you or venting to Dave Navarro about girl troubles at your local drugstore. You might not expect to see Jack Black skulking near the slurpee machine at your local gas station either, but for one Reddit user, it really happened. If you're interested in weird places famous people have been seen in public, check out thes unexpected celebrity sightings by Redditors and vote up the most surprising ones! 

Woke Up To Find The Drummer From Journey Doing Shots In My Ex's Family Kitchen

From mpak87:

"My ex and I crashed at her parents house, which was closer to the bar we were visiting than our place. We weren't the only ones to do so that night. I wake up the next morning, brutally hung over, and walk to the kitchen for a glass of water. The drummer from Journey was there doing shots of Jim Beam at 9am."

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Met Miley Cyrus Waiting In An Alley in Australia

From pringle_dingo:

"I met Miley Cyrus and her BF in my hometown in Australia... I was waiting for a chicken burger in a little back-alley so they weren't swamped with people/paparazzi and she asked me if I was local and we chatted for maybe 10 mins... She was actually a lot cooler than I was expecting, and he turned out to be a bit of a d'bag which was the surprising part.

Best thing about it was asking him/her what it's actually like being a celebrity... If it's worth it basically. Judging by their reaction, they'd trade it all in for anonymity which was fascinating to me."

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I Kicked Stevie Nicks Out Of A Hotel Bar (Before I Knew Who She Was)

From Mijam7:

"I was bartending at the Holiday Inn in downtown Denver in about 2004 and it was a really slow night. We had a policy that we would stay open until at least midnight, and until 2am if there was business. There were two people in the corner of the room who had already paid and were on their last drink. I started closing up the bar when a short lady with long curly hair walked in and ordered a drink. I poured it for her. I asked where the lady had been. She said, 'The Fleetwood Mac concert.' I said, 'Oh, they were a really good band back in the day. Did you have good seats?' She replied, 'I was kind of on stage.' I quipped, 'Cool! Did you win a radio contest or something?' She wearily replied, 'Something like that.' She ordered another drink. I said, 'I'm sorry, we're closing.' She looked kind of hurt, paid, and walked out.

After closing the bar, I walked home and turned on the TV. It was turned to Paladium, which was a channel that broadcasted HD concerts. Coincidentally, there was a Fleetwood Mac concert on, and singing was the lady I had just kicked out of the bar, Stevie Nicks."

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Ran Into Robert Redford At A Ski Shop

From CisSiberianOrchestra:

"Robert Redford once rang up my purchase at the ski shop at Sundance Ski Area, Utah.

He owns the resort. Sometimes, he fills in if one of the employees calls in sick."

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