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'Powerpuff Girls' Had The Weirdest, Most Unsettling Villains Of All Time

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There's something inherently weird about cartoons. Adults produce these series for kids, but grown-ups don't generally receive the same stimulation from the material. Because of this, they'll sometimes inject something – anything – to make the shows more engaging. During the early days of Cartoon Network, the channel often blurred the lines between entertainment for children and adults. As a result, there are some unsettling Powerpuff Girls characters.

Mojo Jojo is a hyper intelligent, green-skinned, mutated chimpanzee who wears a purple cape and white, high-heeled boots with matching gloves. He also loves building model ships. Despite these eccentricities, Mojo Jojo is far from the weirdest PPG villain. Some of the bad guys are wildly inappropriate for what is ostensibly a children's show, some are bizarre given any context, and some are just straight-up offensive. 

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