'Powerpuff Girls' Had The Weirdest, Most Unsettling Villains Of All Time

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There's something inherently weird about cartoons. Adults produce these series for kids, but grown-ups don't generally receive the same stimulation from the material. Because of this, they'll sometimes inject something – anything – to make the shows more engaging. During the early days of Cartoon Network, the channel often blurred the lines between entertainment for children and adults. As a result, there are some unsettling Powerpuff Girls characters.

Mojo Jojo is a hyper intelligent, green-skinned, mutated chimpanzee who wears a purple cape and white, high-heeled boots with matching gloves. He also loves building model ships. Despite these eccentricities, Mojo Jojo is far from the weirdest PPG villain. Some of the bad guys are wildly inappropriate for what is ostensibly a children's show, some are bizarre given any context, and some are just straight-up offensive. 

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    HIM is, for all intents and purposes, the Devil, though it's never stated outright. HIM looks like the archetypal Devil – curly black chin beard, pointed ears, red skin – with the addition of lobster claws. HIM is empowered by fear, and generally fights through psychological warfare. 

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    This undead magician performed as Al Lusion before he died in an Iron Maiden accident. After this, Al was reanimated as Abracadaver, becoming one of the Powerpuff Girls' most dangerous foes. At one point he attempts to kill Blossom using the spiky death trap that ended his life.  

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    Roach Coach

    Roach Coach is basically Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force with an affinity for roaches. In fact, he's a robot controlled by a roach, hence the name of the episode "Insect Inside." He controls roaches and fights the girls with an army of the disgusting creepy crawlies. 

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    Dick Hardly

    This is a very real Powerpuff Girls character, and his name somehow made it past the censors. Dick Hardly is Professor Utonium's college roommate, a womanizer, and an all-around terrible person. He attempts to create his own Powerpuff Girls, and winds up with "the Powerpuff Girls Xtreme," horrifying mutants with shortened life-spans. He tries to replicate Utonium's work, but his malice and resentment ultimately leads him to failure.

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    The Salami Swami

    The Salami Swami is an amalgamation of several offensive stereotypes. He's a Middle Eastern man who wears a turban and flies on a magic carpet, playing his snake charmer's flute. However, instead of charming vicious reptiles, he charms sausages.

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    As you might guess, Sedusa uses seduction to manipulate men into doing her bidding. In addition to being extremely reductive, this is a bizarre message to include in a show that also features a radioactive glue monster. She uses her animated hair to fight with the young superheroes, and even seduces the mayor in an episode filled with Big Lebowski references.

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