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The 18 Weirdest And Most Ridiculous Price Is Right Appearances

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The Price Is Right is known for its crazy contestants. Anything can happen on that show, and the anarchy that flows through this small sound studio in LA makes you wonder if this Drew Carey-hosted time waster is actually avant-garde theater. There have been so many weird Price Is Right moments that it’s impossible to nail them all down, but the ridiculous Price Is Right contestants that we’ve collected are definitely some of the best. These people managed to turn a game show into a transformative experience.

On this game show you can always count on two things: prizes and funny Price Is Right appearances by contestants. Like lots of other TV game shows, there is ample opportunity for contestants to embarrass themselves

Keep reading to see some of our favorite bizarre Price Is Right moments and then vote on the most genuinely bizarre, ridiculous, and hilarious moments from Price Is Right

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    He Loves It When They Call Him Big Poppa

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    The Rain Man Of Price Is Right

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    What's Happening Here?

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    There's Nothing More Metal Than The Showcase Showdown

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