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The Longest-Ruling Queen In History Was Never Supposed To Take The Throne

Queen Elizabeth II has ruled since 1952, and she's led quite a life. Real-life royals are often stereotyped as prim and proper, but fascinating facts and stories about Queen Elizabeth II reveal an intriguing personality. First off, there's her family to consider. She was never expected to rule Britannia (her uncle abandoned the throne to marry the woman he loved), but became the country's sweetheart once she entered the public eye. And Elizabeth's little sister Margaret caused some scandal with her love affairs and outspoken ways. 

But the list of weird things about the Queen of England doesn't stop there. She's been obsessed with corgis for most of her life, starting when her dad gave her Susan, her very first pup, in the 1940s. A devoted horsewoman and outdoorswoman, Elizabeth would have happily lived as a farmer's wife, but she was destined for other things. And when you delve into the secret life of Queen Elizabeth, perhaps the strangest fact of all emerges: She's actually quite funny. It just goes to show you that royals are normal people, too, despite the dazzling jewels and dizzying titles.