The Weirdest Reality TV Shows That You Should Definitely Be Watching

Long ago, in a simpler time, we had relatively chaste reality shows such as Fear Factor and Joe Millionaire to keep us satisfied. Nowadays, we're blessed with an unwieldy, constantly growing collection of reality TV which runs the gamut from moderately eccentric to outright bonkers. The slate of reality TV covers everything from exorcisms and arranged marriages to lumbersexuals and live brain surgeries.

Many reality shows currently on the air are bold and fearless in their presentation of real people and weird happenings. After all, when you combine the amazingly low cost of producing a reality show with the sheer number of regular people vying for their 15 minutes of fame, you have nothing short of television gold. 

Whether you're a devoted reality lover or a casual viewer, you'll appreciate this list of weird reality TV shows. Some of these shows are weird because of their subject matter, while others are weird because of our relationship to them. So go ahead and vote up your favorite weird reality TV shows. Then see what 2020 reality TV shows have become.