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The Most Wonderfully Weird Fan Fiction from Reddit 

Jacob Shelton
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Fan fiction isn’t a new phenomenon, but every few years a strange story about Harry Potter being born with a bucket for a head (or whatever) will be reblogged to infinity and push weird fan fiction into the mainstream. If you’re not up with the times, fan fiction is exactly what it sounds like: stories written about popular characters by fans of a particular franchise. Even though it sounds simple, fan fiction can get extremely complicated in one or two sentences. To help you read the “best” fanfic, this list features the best from various Reddit fan fiction pages for some of the most interesting pieces of work that you’ll read all week, or maybe even for the rest of your life.

Some of the best things that have ever happened to the Internet are Reddit fan fiction writing prompts. Through a few simple keystrokes we’ve been able to read extended universe Star Wars stories, scripts featuring the cast of The Legend of Zelda as if they were directed by Quentin Tarantino, and even more truly weird stories. There’s no end to the funny fan fiction on Reddit, and if there’s a fandom that you want to delve into it’s definitely out there. Hopefully these super weird, yet very interesting pieces of fan fiction will inspire you to write your own stories featuring previously copywritten characters.

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Star Wars as Written by Dr. Seuss, Not a Moose
"A long time ago, and so far far away,
There was a rebellion in space, so they say!
That old Evil Empire was up to no good
They kidnapped a princess, you knew that they would!
And then with the might only money can buy,
They set out to make a Death Star, in the sky!
That dastardly Emperor!That Scoundrel!
That Fiend!Could nobody stop him?
Would no one intervene?
But the princess was crafty - and with luck she escaped!
SHE wasn't held back by a bit of a scrape!
Though she didn't get far, she did get far enough
And she sent out a droid with a message - times were rough!
Though she knew that her plan had no chance of success,
It was all she could do - A New Hope, for the rest
And as luck would have it, her plans met with a teen
They flew all the way down to the planet, Tatooine!
When Luke picked them up, he had no way to tell
That this was the start of his personal hell
He went to a master - a man named Old Ben
And in fear for his family, he went home again!
But when he arrived, he found they all died
So with nothing to hold him, to the stars he did fly!
Soon they met with a smuggler, a man named Solo
He said he could take them where they had to go!
But while flying along on their journey to space
Old Obi Wan feels something - pain across his face!
"I sense a disturbance" He said with no doubt
"As if hundreds of people had suddenly cried out
And then they were silent - I do not like this"
Luke looked on in horror, he knew something's amiss
"Wait, that's no moon! It's a space station!" he said with a hiss!
Before they knew it, and before they could react
They were suddenly captured - they were under attack!
Though they managed to hide, in the smuggler's den
They had no way to escape - they were trapped in a pen!
"I'll disable the beam, you distract the guards
I have unfinished business aboard this Death Star"
Old Ben was Kenobi, a Jedi Knight supreme
And he could feel Vader on board, like a dream
They fought and they ran, sneaking between the guards
It seemed that victory was here - luck in their cards!
And with the princess they managed to escape
"But wait, that was too easy - it had to be fake!"
"Too easy - you're joking, that was incredibly hard!
And Old Ben got killed! Our victory's marred!
Despite her objections, they went on their way
Down to the rebel base, to enter the fray!
But Leia was right - it had been a trap!
The were tracked to the base! The rebellion was scrap!
"If we don't hurry, soon they'll kill us all!
But look at these plans - we can blow up that ball!
We'll need pilots with skill, we'll need pilots with grace
To fire proton torpedoes, right here, at this place!
This mission is hard - without doubt, some will die
But it is our only hope - so fly pilots, fly!"
And so Luke joined their ranks, and he jumped in a ship
To fly down a trench - pray a wing doesn't clip!
And though many were killed - in fact, most happened to die
Luke made it to the end - and his torpedoes did fly!
He shot without computer, Someone said "Use the Force!"
And with that mysterious power, he struck at the source!
With luck and with skill, sacrifice and Hope,
The Death Star exploded - Luke's a hero! Don't mope!
From farm boy to Jedi, an unknown to the best
Luke's journey wasn't over - it's just the start of his quest!"

From Reddit user Holy_Shit_A_Username.

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Fiction Is the Only Place Ron Paul Could Out-Debate Obama

"The Constitution was burning. Burning like so many useless wisps of fiat currency. Burning like the thousand stars of liberty in the night sky, only that gives the wrong impression, because when the Constitution burns it decreases liberty, but a star of liberty probably increases liberty, up until it goes supernova. It was burning like the victims of the Holocaust, which is like forcible taxation because the state uses power to destroy liberty. It was burning like my spliff wasn't, because I can't get pot because Obama outlawed it and also Jeremy is out of town. The Constitution was burning because of Obama.

"Help me," the people shouted loudly with one loud voice, "our civil liberties are being trampled by the arbitrary behavior of the Obama administration and also the Fed is un-Constitutional and hurts our economy!"Also imposing your morality on other people is immoral. They did not shout this but it is true.

Ron Paul heard their loud cries, and also saw the burning Constitution, and quickly responded to both problems with the hurricane-like force of a hurricane of freedom. He immediately began to work quickly, but Mitt Romney was in the way."I will stop you with my fraud and money!" Romney shouted loudly as he tried to stop Ron Paul with his fraud and money, but Ron Paul would not be stopped by fraud and money. "I have the DELEGATES" shouted Ron Paul loudly. Mitt Romney had no heart so he did not understand the will of the people, but only listened to non-binding beauty pageant straw polls.

Mitt Romney then endorsed Ron Paul at the convention because he knew, in his heart of hearts, that the will of the people said only Ron Paul can defeat Barack Obama.Then Ron Paul debated Barack Obama and defeated him HANDS DOWN in a stunning series of debates that went like this."I think socialism is best," Obama sneered, "and we need to spend lots of money on giving lazy people money so they don't have to work, like your rich friend Jake whose parents give him lots of allowance so he doesn't have to work at Arby's like you do.""No!" shouted Ron Paul defiantly! "We need FREEDOM!"Then everyone waited silently and quietly for the announcer to announce who had won. And with happy cheers everyone said "hurray!" because Ron Paul won!And then he won all the President delegates and became President, but Obama said "NO I AM NOT AMERICAN. I AM A DRAGON."Then Ron Paul fought the dragon, who used his fire breath and false doctrine of Constitutional incorporation to fight Ron Paul. But Ron Paul had the power of the Constitution, which was no longer burning because Ron Paul was President, and it repelled the fire and judicial activism with all the righteous might of liberty."Freedom will always win out over injustice," Ron Paul said, and everyone agreed, because they knew he was right."

From Reddit user AdArbitrium.

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Say Tri Force Again, I Dare You


Bustin' Surfboards by The Tornadoes is playing in the background

We hear the galloping of horse hooves on grass and two men talking. The horses name is Epona and the two men talking are Link from Kokiri Forest and Navi the small blue fairy [Navi voiced by Samuel L. Jackson and Link played by Tim Roth])

LINK (Calm but sterm) No f***in' way, man. . .let me set it straight for ya. . . The easiest way and smartest way to make some quick *BIG time Rupees is simple.

NAVI (Interjecting quickly) Yeah? What way is that, man?


Ext. Hyrule Field - Day Time We see the two men talking. Link is galloping along and occasionally looking up at Navi, who is floating around his head

LINK (Not missing a beat) Break in a mother f***ers home.


NAVI (Looking at Link inquisitively) F*** you.

Navi turns around

LINK Think about it. . Most of the time no ones home. . Family out together at the market. Maybe Mum and Pop are at the bazar together, little Joey is off at the farmer's house trying to get handsy with the bloke's daughter.

Navi That's crazy

LINK You can walk right in and (Link wipes his hands together) . . . You just take it"

From Reddit user The_Werodile.

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The Best Game of Thrones Fan Fic Ever

"Beneath the castle roof, Lady Thesexyone was making passionate love with the massive soldier, Mr. Guywhoisreallyhot. He climaxes and Mr. Extrawhodoesn'tgetpaidenoughforthissh*t walks in, announcing the prince, Prince Teenagerwithanattitude. He announces them both as atrocities, and orders them to be killed. When suddenly, Lady Thesexyone reveals herself as the Princes mother! Prince Teenagerwithanattitude doesn't know what to do with this information, so he kills her and her hot guy friend.

Then the dragon burns the whole castle to the ground."

From Reddit user lawlore.
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