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28 Bizarre Restaurants That Really Exist

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Why would you ever eat at one of these weird restaurants? Well, sometimes you're hungry, and all you want to do is go out and eat a hamburger. But other times you're up for something... different. What are some of the weirdest restaurants in America? What are the weirdest restaurants in the whole world? Boy are you in for a treat - a very strange treat.

From gourmet, science-themed concept restaurants, to remote tree house restaurants, to urban dining in pitch darkness, there are plenty of bizarre places all over the US, and all over the globe, for you to stop and refuel. Some of these places are intentional tourist traps; others appeal to the daring by offering strange or gross food items (one restaurant in Taiwan deals exclusively in food resembling human waste, served in dishes shaped like toilets). Others just want to create a unique experience that their patrons can't find anywhere else.

Is there a completely bizarre restaurant in your city, just waiting for your patronage? Scroll down to find out, and be sure to vote up the craziest places to grab a bite below.

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    Modern Toilet

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Based in Taiwan, Modern Toilet is a restaurant with the somewhat nauseating premise of being excreta-themed. All of the dishes on the menu are designed to resemble typical bathroom output (curries, sausages, etc.) and are served from bowls and platters that resemble toilets. Even the restaurant itself is bathroom-themed - diners sit on toilets and eat off metal slabs that resemble a changing station. 

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    The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

    The Yellow Treehouse is a pod-shaped restaurant that hangs out in one of New Zealand's famous redwood trees. At night, it lights up like a big, crazy-shaped light bulb and can be seen from miles away.
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    Cabbages And Condoms

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Cabbages and Condoms is located in Bangkok, Thailand, and it is devoted to the promotion of safer sex. The whole restaurant is condom-themed, and when customers exit, they are bid farewell by a huge wall display box reading "Sorry, We Have No Mints Please Take a Condom Instead."

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    Please Don't Tell

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Sequestered away behind an unassuming hot dog restaurant, Please Don't Tell is one of the trickiest pubs for customers to get into in all of New York City. The only way to get in is by sidling inconspicuously into an old-fashioned phone booth tucked way into the back corner of New York's Crif Dogs, picking up the receiver, and asking the voice on the other end for permission to be granted access through a secret panel in the wall. Most nights, the bar is full, and it's usually a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation just to be safe – lots of people try for months and never make it inside.

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