28 Bizarre Restaurants That Really Exist

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Why would you ever eat at one of these weird restaurants? Well, sometimes you're hungry, and all you want to do is go out and eat a hamburger. But other times you're up for something... different. What are some of the weirdest restaurants in America? What are the weirdest restaurants in the whole world? Boy are you in for a treat - a very strange treat.

From gourmet, science-themed concept restaurants, to remote tree house restaurants, to urban dining in pitch darkness, there are plenty of bizarre places all over the US, and all over the globe, for you to stop and refuel. Some of these places are intentional tourist traps; others appeal to the daring by offering strange or gross food items (one restaurant in Taiwan deals exclusively in food resembling human waste, served in dishes shaped like toilets). Others just want to create a unique experience that their patrons can't find anywhere else.

Is there a completely bizarre restaurant in your city, just waiting for your patronage? Scroll down to find out, and be sure to vote up the craziest places to grab a bite below.