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11 Bizarre, Messed Up Facts You Never Knew About Ronald Reagan

Updated 20 Aug 2020 24.1k views11 items

During his time in office, Ronald Reagan was repeatedly named one of the most respected men in the world. In fact, Gallup’s annual list of the most admired people put Reagan at the top of the list every single year that he was in office. Reagan trails only John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln in terms of his overall popularity, making him the most popular American president in history to finish a second term. In the years since Reagan’s exit from public life, he has been deified by the Republican Party as the end all, be all of GOP success.

On the flip side of that coin, Ronald Reagan’s life has also yielded incredible scrutiny that not only casts some doubt on Reagan’s legacy but gives Reagan’s entire biography a weird tone. It seems the man’s professional career was marked with several strange or unsettling moments that just might make you wonder how he’s remained so immensely popular. Here are some weird facts about Reagan that might change how you see him.

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