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The Weirdest Rules The Royal Family Has To Follow

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If you come from a family as old as the British royal family, it's not too much of a surprise that there will be centuries of traditions, customs, and rules put in place that are still adhered to today. Some of these make sense and are rooted in history, but others are very specific and just plain weird, even though they are true.

From their very particular eating habits to their way of dressing to some rather dark customs that have lasted through the ages, the following list showcases the weirdest rules the royal family has to follow.

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    The Queen Uses Her Handbag For More Than Just Carrying Things

    The Queen Uses Her Handbag For More Than Just Carrying Things
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    While some of us have codes with our friends and family when we want to get out of a specific situation, the Queen has a method that's a lot more on the record. She is often spotted, in public, carrying around her handbag, and while we may never know what's actually in the bag, we do have ideas about its other uses.

    The Queen is said to use her bag to send secret codes. If she puts her bag on the table at dinner it means she wants the event she's attending to end in the next five minutes. If she puts it on the floor it means she's dissatisfied with the conversation, and she wants her lady-in-waiting to get her out of the bind. 

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    When The Queen Stops Eating, You Stop Eating

    When The Queen Stops Eating, You Stop Eating
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    There are probably several hundred dining rules to be remembered by those who have the pleasure and privilege of eating with the royal family. One major one involves keeping track of the Queen. The moment she stops eating, you need to stop too. 

    The rule goes back to the era of Queen Victoria, a notoriously fast eater. She allegedly could go through a seven course meal in half an hour, which probably didn't make things too easy for those dining alongside her. Had competitive eating contests existed back then, and had she deigned to participate, Victoria could probably have easily wiped the floor with the competition.

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    Dinner Conversations Are Specifically Formulated

    According to Debrett’s, the society etiquette experts, dinner with the royal family follows a very specific formula for conversation. The Queen speaks to the person on her right during the duration of the first course. This is because the person to her right is the guest of honor. 

    For the duration of the second course, the Queen speaks with the person on her left. The royal family follows this convention to ensure the flow of conversation throughout the meal. 

    Furthermore, one is not permitted to speak after the Queen has toasted, as a band is likely to begin playing as soon as she takes her seat. 

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    The Myrtle Is The Centerpiece For The Royal Wedding Bouquet

    The Myrtle Is The Centerpiece For The Royal Wedding Bouquet
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    Although not a formal rule, the myrtle plant has become an important fixture for a royal wedding bouquet. A myrtle plant was gifted to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert's grandmother. Brought over from Germany, the flowers from it were first used Victoria's wedding and have since been seen in the bouquets of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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