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Weird Rules That Lululemon Employees Have to Follow

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Overall, people seem to be pretty happy with their shopping experiences at Lululemon. Though they may be a bit overpriced, the retailer offers high-quality yoga gear that's received good reviews from customers. But what about the other side of the experience? What is it like to work at Lululemon? Testimonials from former employees have popped up online... and they're not pretty.

If you've ever wondered what it was like to be in a cult, Lululemon is the place for you. Overly strict employee management, the shunning of outside influences, and the encouragement of conformity are commonplace in their stores. If you want to get ahead, you need to eat paleo and suck up with the best of them. We also hope you enjoy Objectivist fiction, daily yoga workouts, chia seeds, and personified demographics.

So, if you're curious what life is like for a Lululemon employee, check out the list below - and then consider maybe applying elsewhere...

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    Reading Atlas Shrugged Is All but Mandatory

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    If you work more than six months at Lululemon, you have a standing invitation to attend group therapy/self-help classes. But before you get in, you're pretty much required to memorize their motivational CDs and book recommendations. Their all-time favorite book for employees? Atlas ShruggedNot creepy at all. 

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    You Must Refer to the Ideal Lululemon Customer as "Ocean"

    Every store has a target demographic, which they often refer to using easy-to-remember terminology. Lululemon takes that a step further by personifying their ideal customer as "Ocean." Who is this person, you may ask? According to a testimonial, Ocean "does yoga every day, makes $100,000 a year, and dates a triathlete named Mountain."

    Clearly an inspiration for us all. 

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    You Have to Attend Lectures on Willpower

    Employee training for Lululemon is hardcore. In addition to working out, you have to attend morning lectures on willpower. You also have to watch videos on the importance of setting goals. Hopefully, the people watching are already setting the goal of getting a better job. 

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    You Can't Chat or You'll Get Fired

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    Lululemon store managers rule their domains with gluten-free iron fists. If you aren't on the job (and speaking about the job) at all times, you can get in big trouble. The managers themselves, however, constantly chat with employees about their personal lives. The official term for this is "discussing their development."

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