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16 Weird Facts Most People Don't Know About About RuPaul

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America has a national treasure, and her name is RuPaul Andre Charles. Born November 17, 1960, she's TV's greatest drag queen, and she's been around the block once or twice. Naturally, she's accumulated some crazy, hilarious, and weird stories.

Since RuPaul's Drag Race began in 2009, she's met plenty of crazy queens and accumulated some buckwild RuPaul tales. It's not uncommon for celebrities to have some weird quirks, but Ru takes things to a new level with her life story.

For instance, Ru used to be in a punk band, and she's also been on an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. She was once dubbed the Queen of Manhattan, but she also won best afro. She's one of the most famous drag queens on the planet, and she's named after... gumbo?

The world is a strange place, and Ru only makes it stranger. But hey, we were all born naked, and the rest is drag. 

  • RuPaul Had A Cameo On Walker, Texas Ranger

    RuPaul once had a cameo on Walker, Texas Ranger. No, seriously, check it out: Season 7, Episode 3, "Royal Heist." She played a dude named Bob, and the whole episode is about gangs.

  • Photo: Youtube

    RuPaul's Big Break Was Dancing In The "Love Shack" Music Video

    1989 was a weird year. The B-52s released their smash hit "Love Shack," which featured none other than RuPaul as a dancing extra. The video was wildly popular and helped launch Ru's rise to stardom.

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    RuPaul Is Married To An Australian Rancher In Wyoming

    RuPaul has been with Australian-born Georges LeBar since 1994. They met at the Limelight nightclub in New York City shortly after RuPaul's career started taking off. Today, LeBar runs a 60,000-acre ranch in Wyoming.

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    RuPaul Gets His Trucker's Tongue From His Mother

    Ru’s parents divorced in 1967, so he grew up with his mother, and she was awesome. Her name was Toni Charles, but the neighborhood kids called her “Mean Miss Charles.” She smoked Tarryton's every day, and her favorite phrase was “you p*ssy-mouthed motherf*cker." Apparently, that's where Ru gets her filthy, filthy mouth from...