People Share The Weirdest Rules Their Schools Made Them Follow 

Jacob Shelton
Updated July 1, 2019 5.2k views 16 items

It doesn't matter where you went to school, you definitely had a few rules that made zero sense. Most odd school rules were about student outfits, but in the following cases, those rules only scratched the surface. This rundown of school rules that make no sense covers everything from what kind of cupcake toppings you could bring to school to how many people can congregate at one time. 

Were you ever suspended for dumb reasons? The Redditors who made these posts feel your pain. They hopped online to share unnecessarily strict school rules that they had to endure, many of which are utterly ridiculous. 

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No Bell Peppers In Physics Class

From Redditor /u/TOo_0dd:

Had a physics teacher who was cool if you ate food in class, but "banned" bell peppers. He would say that you had to eat them or throw them away in advance before coming in or he would report you for eating in class. People would ask him where his hatred for bell peppers came from, but he never budged, so that's what made it weird.

Don't Leave The Bubble

From a former Redditor:

One of the five middle schools in my district (and only that one, for some reason) had a rule that was dubbed the "[name of school] bubble." No students at that school were allowed to come within an arm's length of one another in the hallways, for any reason. Want to give a friend a high-five? Detention. Want to lend a friend a pencil between classes? Detention. Friend having a bad day and you want to give them a quick hug for support? Extra detention.

No Pogo Sticks

From Redditor /u/Lucky13_SP's:

No pogo sticks. As a kid, I had learned how to pogo stick, and my house was close to the school. Our principal had went to great lengths to ban all forms of ride-able transportation (think: scooters, roller blades, skateboards, etc.), except bikes, and the day after I [used my pogo stick for] the first time, she came on the PA and said that pogo-ing to school was banned.


From Redditor /u/allhailbobevans said:

[Our school] banned the word "Shrek." Everyone was saying it when it was a popular meme, and they were fine with it, but one of the staff stumbled upon a little video called "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life."