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The Weirdest Sea Creatures That Have Washed Up on Beaches

It is often said about the sea, that we know even less about it than we do about the cosmos. Whenever something grotesque and enigmatic washes ashore from the deepest depths, we get a grisly reminder of that fact.

Here's a collection of sea creatures that washed up on beaches and other weird washed-up animals. Some have been relieved of their mystery by modern biology, while some have passed into legend as myths. But as long as they appear, we'll always be fascinated, or grossed out, by these animals that washed up onshore and by all manner of creepy beached sea creatures.
  • Frilled Shark

    Video: YouTube

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    Scientists believe that this creature may have inspired several mythological and folk tales about serpentine sea monsters. It's actually a deep-sea kind of shark. This nightmarish specimen was found near the Lakes Entrance off southeastern Victoria, Australia, in January 2015. They have been encountered at depths greater than 1000 meters below sea level and can grow up to double digit meters long.

  • Alien Spore

    Photo: National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain

    On August 3, 2011, the shores of Northwestern Alaska were totally overrun by billions of tiny orange spores. Before any Independence Day- or Andromeda Strain-like scenarios occurred, scientists identified the spores as native terrestrial. They were actually fungal spores from a type of plant rust.

  • East River Monster

    Video: YouTube

    On July 25, 2012, the NY Daily News reported that photographer Denise Ginley and her boyfriend were walking along the East River when they spotted this gnarly-looking thing on a stretch of sand under the Brooklyn Bridge. The Parks Department claimed that the creature was a discarded cooked pig, but that wouldn't explain the five-toed feet and long tail found on the beast.

  • Montauk Monster

    Photo: Unknown / Wikipedia / Fair Use

    From the fork of Long Island it came ashore, ugly as sin. The first of perhaps three reported "Montauk Monsters" appeared in 2008. The scientific consensus on the origins of the creature say that it is a raccoon but cryptid enthusiasts still aren't convinced. The carcass also mysteriously vanished.