Memes Only People With A Weird Sense Of Humor Will Appreciate

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If you emptied your Twitter and Instagram feeds into a Magic Bullet and added a touch of Redditor nihilism, it would likely produce a set of particularly weird memes similar to the ones below. The same way human debris fuses together with aquatic life forms, memes for people with a weird sense of humor arise out of a coagulation of different influences, from cultural to political to historical, washing up onto your timeline like a three-headed tuna at low tide. The stress of one's attention span struggling to focus on one thing while simultaneously keeping up with everything takes a toll on the mind, and these strange memes for weird people try to give you a bit of everything in one. References from film, history, and other areas overlap with each other while memes blend themselves into one giant super-meme. Thanks to failing attention spans, the death of originality, and strange Reddit subcultures, the reign of the weird niche meme is just beginning.

Those of you with a particular sense of humor will find joy in the niche-based memes pictured below. Some of the best meme accounts on Instagram offer tons of similar weirdo memes, the types of memes Ranker wants to invest in.