Weird The Weirdest Sex Scenes in Widely Watched TV Shows  

Jacob Shelton
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When did sex on TV get so weird? One minute you've got Jerry and Elaine discussing "the sponge" and the next thing you know there are vampires twisting each other's heads off on Showtime. This list is a mostly safe for work (although please be cautious) collection of some of the weirdest sex scenes on television. While not every scene revolves around vampires, invisible sex demons, or child kings, a lot of them do. Some of the TV sex scenes on this list draw from the real life awkwardness that occurs in that most intimate of situations, which can be just as strange as losing your virginity to a minotaur!

If you've ever sat down to watch your favorite show with your parents (or worse, your grandparents) and felt like a total creep for saying, "I love this show" right before the main characters launched into a furry themed sex party, then this list is for you. These steamy, but strange sex scenes aren't from fringe series that no one is paying attention to. These are all hugely popular shows watched by tons of people, and a few are even network sitcoms.

When everything is said and done, you can vote for which scenes you think are the weirdest. But if you think you can bring something stranger than what we have in here then we want to see it! So keep your barf bags handy and vote away on this list of the strangest sex scenes to ever on television.
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Game of Thrones - Cersei and Jaime Do it in the Room with Their Dead Son

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Of all the twisted sex on Game of Thrones, Jamie and Cersei certainly take the pigeon pie. Not only are they twin siblings, but they decided to go at it with their dead son Joffrey lying right there on the table next to them. Romantic. The scene also came under fire from viewers who believed Jamie was raping Cersei
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Shameless - Kevin Tries to Impregnate His Mother-in-Law and Ends Up in a Threesome

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Kevin, Shameless's resident lunkhead, wants to have a baby with his wife, V, but she can't conceive so he does what every level-headed husband would do and has a three way with his wife and mother-in-law. Has anyone trademarked "menage a family?"
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True Blood - Bill Twists Lorena's Head Around While Having Hate Sex

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Oh boy, how to even start with this one? Lorena made Bill into a vampire during the Civil War so he's kind of always had feelings for her, even though he loves Suki. But one evening before getting down to it she asks for his love, which he denies. He then has hate sex with her before taking part in some Death Becomes Her role play.
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Game of Thrones - Joffrey and the Prostitutes

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It's fitting that one of the most awful characters on television would have one of the worst sex scenes on Game of Thrones (a show with many terrible sex scenes). Tyrion and Bronn order a couple of prostitutes for Joffrey, who totally misses the point and subjugates them to an escalating series of mental and physical torture. King Joffrey needs to chill.
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