The Most Shia LaBeouf Things Shia LaBeouf Has Done

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When you think of fame, some people thing of glamour, success and money. Others think of burden, paparazzi, and obligation. Sometimes a little of one or the other leads to a whole lot of crazy choices., and this is certainly (or is it?) the case with Shia LaBeouf.  

Now, let the record show we aren't saying Shia LaBeouf is crazy. Far from it. This weird and fascinating art project he's (inadvertently? consciously?) turned his life into is a force to be reckoned with. We'd love for him to pull the mask (or brown paper bag) off one day and reveal it was one giant, multi-year Joaquin Phoenix-esque charade. But with each altercation and each outlandish new exploit, it gets harder and harder to believe the stories emerging in the news are 100% performance. Every random fight caught on camera, every story of on-set antics, every art display (where LaBeouf is seen to be crying), and every bizarre interview takes him (and us) further down the rabbit hole.

These are the craziest things Shia has done, and there are plenty more not represented on this list. That we had enough for leftovers is a testament to what this child star has become, or what he's made himself into. We may never know. But whatever the case, we're all watching.

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    Took Out One of His Own Teeth, and Scarred His Face

    Took Out One of His Own Teeth, and Scarred His Face
    Photo: Columbia Pictures / Indiewire / Fair Use
    Shia took method acting to new heights on the set of Fury. He decided to commit fully to his role as a WWII tank brigade soldier and quit doing anything that couldn't be done around the tank (like showering, for instance). He also went to a dentist in the valley and had them remove one of his teeth (because he thought his character would be missing a tooth). And he scarred his face, permamantly, because make up isn't an option, apparently. 
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    The #iamsorry exhibit

    The #iamsorry exhibit
    Video: YouTube
    After his shameless plagiarizing and all the weird antics thereafter, Shia decided to present the ultimate apology. He set up the #iamsorry exhibit where any and everyone could show up and sit in a room with him. He would silently sit, and you could blame him for whatever you liked, or just be in the room with him. Either way, his presence was an "apology." Every now and then, the "I Am Not Famous Anymore" bag would make an appearance.
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    'I Am Not Famous Anymore'

    At the premiere of Nymphomaniac, Shia decided he wasn't famous anymore, and announced this self-defamation in a rather unique way. He wore a brown paper bag over his head, with the phrase "I Am Not Famous Anymore" written across the surface in black marker. The bag would reappear at his #iamsorry exhibit (see the entry on this list).
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    Threatens to Have Restaurant Patron Killed

    While eating at a restaurant in London in 2013, a fan approached LaBeouf for an autograph. This request ended in tears for the young lady, whom LaBeouf apparently rudely rebuffed. The woman's boyfriend allegedly confronted LaBeouf, and the matter soon escalated into a physical altercation. The actor was reported to have said "I can get you killed" to the man as security hauled him away. 

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    Gave an Hour Long Silent Interview

    Gave an Hour Long Silent Interview
    Photo: Screenshot/Shia LaBeouf / The Campaign Book / Fair Use
    Shia agreed to an in-depth interview with Aimee Cliff, but only if the interview was conducted via email. True to the agreement, the pair had a "silent interview," wherein both parties sat, for two hours, without a word, filming each other with Go Pros strapped to their heads. “So I’m present in the magazine only in words obtained digitally and online I’m present only through a mute physical presence,” he wrote in one of the emails. “And the reality of my self lies somewhere between and beyond the two. It’s thoroughly metamodern I think."
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    Chasing a Homeless Man Through the Streets

    Chasing a Homeless Man Through the Streets
    Video: YouTube
    Hours before being arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct during a performance of Cabaret on Broadway, Shia was seen chasing down a homeless man, apparently convinced the man had stolen his hat.
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