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The Most Shia LaBeouf Things Shia LaBeouf Has Done

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When you think of fame, some people thing of glamour, success and money. Others think of burden, paparazzi, and obligation. Sometimes a little of one or the other leads to a whole lot of crazy choices., and this is certainly (or is it?) the case with Shia LaBeouf.  

Now, let the record show we aren't saying Shia LaBeouf is crazy. Far from it. This weird and fascinating art project he's (inadvertently? consciously?) turned his life into is a force to be reckoned with. We'd love for him to pull the mask (or brown paper bag) off one day and reveal it was one giant, multi-year Joaquin Phoenix-esque charade. But with each altercation and each outlandish new exploit, it gets harder and harder to believe the stories emerging in the news are 100% performance. Every random fight caught on camera, every story of on-set antics, every art display (where LaBeouf is seen to be crying), and every bizarre interview takes him (and us) further down the rabbit hole.

These are the craziest things Shia has done, and there are plenty more not represented on this list. That we had enough for leftovers is a testament to what this child star has become, or what he's made himself into. We may never know. But whatever the case, we're all watching.
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    Getting Kicked Out of a Broadway Show

    Photo: Screenshot/TMZ / YouTube.com / Fair Use
    During a performance of Caberet on Broadway starring Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams, Shia LeBeouf apparently had one too many drinks at the bar. He began screaming obscenities mid-performance. LaBeouf was ejected from the theater and promptly arrested.
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    Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

    Video: YouTube

    If you're embroiled in controversy, sometimes it's best to poke fun at of yourself: appear less insane on late night talk shows, take some good-natured ribbing on Saturday Night Live, and take part in a glorious live performance/viral video wherein you are portrayed as a cannibal and serial killer. Don't forget to pay homage to Citizen Kane while you're at it.

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    That Whole Plagiarism Thing

    Shia's directorial debut HowardCantour.com came under fire after it was revealed to be blatantly stolen from graphic novelist Daniel Clowes. LaBeouf basically adapted Clowes's 2007 comic Justin M Damiano without any permission or payment to the original artist. Shia then went on to say his next short would be called Daniel Boring, which was a comic series written by Clowes with the exact plot Shia described his film as having.
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    Apologizes to Clowes in the Sky

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    How do you apologize to a guy you plagiarized? If your'e Shia LaBeouf, you write him an apology in the sky with a skywriter airplane, of course.
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