Culture People Describe The Weird Habit Their Significant Other Does That They Don't Want To Ask About  

Hugh Landman
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One of the joys of finding a significant other is learning about that person's strange relationship habits. The people of Reddit were asked: What does your significant other do that makes no sense to you? Users had no shortage of weird answers to the question. Some users described girlfriend quirks ranging from sleep talking to more disgusting lifestyle routines.

As far as the different types of habits of boyfriends, Redditors also reported on unusual bedtime habits but a few go much further into the grossest realms of human behavior. Some of these stories about odd relationship quirks are so alarming one has to wonder why the writers are still with these people. Read up to compare your SO to these ones or to start compiling that list of red flags if you're on the prowl. 

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You Gonna Finish That, Uh, Newspaper?

From user snakeoil-huckster:

"He tears little pieces of newspaper off and chews them. I'm not certain if he swallows them. Sometimes when I read the paper he'll ask for 'a taste.'"

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That's One Way To Calm Your Nerves

From user mastigia:

"My wife keeps a certain type of soap in a baggie and she chews it through the baggie and smells it whenever she is uncomfortable or is sleeping.

Cops have mistaken it for a big bag of cocaine before. Awkward"

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The Mysterious Pee Flush Race

From user sammy_nobrains:

"Every time my husband pees, he flushes the toilet mid-pee, in an attempt to "race" the flush. It's f****** weird, and I've never asked him why he does it."

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The Dreaded Fart Sleep Screamer

From user StylzL33T:

"Screaming and farting in their sleep."

And before you ask,

"Yes, at the same damn time!"

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