27 Times People Took Photos Of Real Life Optical Illusions

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We've all seen M.C. Escher posters adoring the walls of college dorm rooms but how many mind-bending images have you seen in real-life? Thankfully the photobugs at r/silhouWHAT collect the finest photographic phantasmagoria that really exists.

Photo: Reddit / Reddit

  • 1. Spooky Smoke

    Spooky Smoke
    Photo: u/overaided / Reddit
    726 votes
  • 2. Enjoy The Ride

    Enjoy The Ride
    Photo: u/JimFancyPants / Reddit
    604 votes
  • 3. Nature Is Healing With A Vengeance

    Nature Is Healing With A Vengeance
    Photo: u/JimFancyPants / Reddit
    730 votes
  • 4. A Dog That Is Rust

    A Dog That Is Rust
    Photo: u/XiaoRJ / Reddit
    576 votes
  • 5. Riddle Me This!

    Riddle Me This!
    Photo: u/JimFancyPants / Reddit
    493 votes
  • 6. Squirrel In The Shadows

    Squirrel In The Shadows
    Photo: u/JimFancyPants / Reddit
    422 votes