Unspeakably Weird Sonic Fan Art That Will Make You Question Everything

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For reasons that can only be apologized for, there's an absurdly large amount of weird Sonic The Hedgehog fan art populating the Internet. The art is overwhelmingly disturbing, nearly always terrible, and some may even cause distress for sensitive viewers due to its graphic and aggressively upsetting nature.

Bad Sonic art is also usually categorized under "Sanic Hegehog," a term dating back to 2010, originating from amateur fan artist, 0nyxheart, who uploaded a video to YouTube titled, "How 2 Draw Sanic Hegehog." The video showed the artist creating a very poor illustration of Sonic using MS Paint with disturbing background music. Though the original disappeared from YouTube, it left enough of an impact on viewers for an entire new art "movement" to develop based on bad "Sanic" fan art.

Here, for your displeasure, is some of the most messed up Sonic The Hedgehog art.

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    This... No. Just No.

    This... No. Just No.
    Photo: neogaf

    100% done.

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    This Elise and Sonic Baby Needs To Never Exist

    This artwork, created by Syvalion in response to a fan art contest brief, provides a cautionary illustration of the dangers of human/hedgehog breeding.

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    This Disturbing Sonic Is All Dressed Up With Hopefully Nowhere To Go

    This Disturbing Sonic Is All Dressed Up With Hopefully Nowhere To Go
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    There's just something slightly off about this Sims-style Sonic piece uploaded by Matt4te.

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    This Freaky Sonic Has Clearly "Juiced" Too Much

    "We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey," digital artist cyborgraptor captions this horrifying fan art with. "Don't worry, I won't ever draw this creature again." THANK GOD.