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The Weirdest Sports from Around the World

Updated 14 Jun 2019 30.9k views20 items

Football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Boring! In the United States, four team sports get all the attention. How about we look at some new sports for a change? Like maybe something that involves ferrets? These weird sports are truly strange, but for whatever reason appeal to daredevils, thrill seekers, and chess masters who also love boxing. What are the craziest, most out there sports to play? This list of weird competitive sports has exactly what you're looking for in a fun new sport to try, as long as you like worms, camels, or to wrestling.

What would make hockey better? How about if it was played underwater? Yup, that's a thing. What if instead of racing boats, people raced bathtubs? That exists too. And wouldn't polo be better if played with a goat's carcass instead of a ball? Depending on who you ask, the answer might be yes!

Turn off ESPN and take a look at some of the most truly bizarre sports being played around the world. Who knows, maybe your elementary school gym teacher who told you that you'd never be an athlete didn't realize you'd one day be an expert wife carrier? Maybe your true calling is cheese rolling? Or maybe you were born to run a camel wrestling league.

Be a sport and upvote the weirdest sports below. Then maybe go give jugger a try!
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