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The Weirdest Spotify Playlists That Exist for Some Reason

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Spotify is the great equalizer when it comes to music snobbery. Thanks to the almost unlimited amount of music that’s available through the streaming service, listeners cam jam on anything that they feel like and discover new music with a few keystrokes. Spotify even provides playlists to help you pump up your music snobbery. But even when the service thinks it’s being helpful it still posts weird Spotify playlists based around music for babies with titles that couldn’t be creepier if they were written by Jeffrey Dahmer, not to mention user created playlists dedicated to nothing but push ups and knockin' boots. You know, those great American past times. Put in your earbuds and take a listen to these funny Spotify playlists that have no real reason to exist.

It’s hard to pick a winner (or maybe we should say loser) from all of these dumb Spotify playlists. The songs are usually fine, but they all seem like they were either named by your mom, or a very sad college student. But to be fair, you really haven’t lived until you’ve listened to the “forever alone” and “perfect crafternoon” playlists back to back. It’s like you’re living at home all over again, except without someone to fold your laundry. Start a private session, and take a look at the weirdest Spotify playlists that exist for some reason.
  • 14 Hours of Push Ups? Dude Must Be Ripped.

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  • Ain't No Party Like a Knitting Party, Because a Knitting Party is Very Sad

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  • More Like Gym & Drinking & Throwing Up

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  • No. Just No.

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