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17 Bizarre Stories From Bartenders Who Deserve An Extra Tip

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Many adults have stories from nights out that will live on forever. But, bartenders witness these "legendary" nights from a totally different perspective. Reddit user u/Adexiss asked: "Bartenders of reddit, what is the weirdest thing that you have ever witnessed at your job?" and the responses had us waving for the check.

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    A Choreographed Bachelor Party Routine

    From Reddit user u/ps6419:

    It was a Tuesday night and we were closing at mid-night. A group of about 6 gentleman came to my bar, seemingly intoxicated but overall pretty friendly. Small talk revealed they are mostly from the Portland area and are here (undisclosed location near the Philadelphia area) for their best friend’s wedding (tomorrow).

    The one guy asks for a shot of the most expensive tequila we have. That is Clase Azul Anejo at $150 a shot. He says “I'll take it.” So I run downstairs (this occurred on a rooftop bar) grab the bottle and all the fancy stuff to go with it, perform my lil presentation in front of him, and he grabs the snifter filled with $150 worth of our best tequila and says, “okay boys circle up!”

    Without missing a beat as if it were choreographed, the six guys get in a circle and start flapping their arms (positioned like chicken wings from the chicken dance), crouch down, and start chirping like baby birds. Guy #1 then takes the shot and spits it into guy #2’s mouth, guy #2 into guy #3’s mouth, and so on until it reaches guy #6 who receives and swallows like a f*cking champ.

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    A Man And His Lobster

    From Reddit user u/patkk:

    Bartending at a busy pub in London. There must have been thousands of people crammed into this place. This man gets to the bar and orders himself a pint. Then out of nowhere he pulls a live lobster from his jacket and asks if his mate could have a pint too.

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    Sticking Quarters Up Their Nose For A Free Drink

    From Reddit user u/Ritapoo:

    I had a regular come up to me and ask if he could get two quarters up his nose if he could get a free drink. Well I said yes, he stuck them up there but could not get them out. I had to get him a cab to the hospital and told him I owed him a drink. Next time he came in I yelled, "what’s up 50 cent!" And I had to tell everyone the story. Of course I gave him the free drink but the nickname stuck for years!

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    A Customer Claims To Have Seen Bigfoot

    From Reddit user u/welliwasemily:

    I was bartending. Alone. Sunday morning at a brewery.

    In this dude rolls from his SUV, illegally parked, wearing a plaid button up that had sleeves that were both different colors from the body. And on each shoulder… two huge big foot emblems. I told the man I liked his shirt because it was a cool shirt. He said, “I’ve seen it.”

    Because I have a goofy old man for a dad, I laughed. And he said, “No seriously, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the big foot.” The regular choked on his drink. This man proceeds to tell me all about the big foot he’s seen. For like half an hour. I ask him about what parts he saw it specifically, he has no details. Then he said he had more shirts to show me and went and got them from his car.

    He comes back in, and tells me all about his plans. In the back of his SUV, some weird contraption. You could only see it when he opened the door. Turns out, it was A BIG FOOT CAGE. His plan, and I swear to God this was verbatim, was to “catch it, and then call all the news stations and journalists and bloggers and media. Let them get their pictures and stories and videos. And then… and then let him go. Because he doesn’t belong in a cage.”

    And then he asked me if he could buy concert tickets (we were not a concert venue) and left without purchasing anything at all.

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