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15 Bizarre & Surprisingly Brutal Stories You Never Knew About King Arthur

When you think of stories about King Arthur, a few things come to mind: the Knights of the Round Table, chivalry, and the adulterous Queen Guinevere cheating on Arthur with his best friend, Sir Lancelot. But there's a lot more to Arthurian legends than a circular table and one scandalous affair.

The stories about the Knights of the Round Table include the lecherous exploits of Arthur's favorite nephew, Sir Gawain, the humble, kitchen-servant origins of his brother, Sir Gareth, Guinevere's family and food troubles, hunting magical enemies (ranging from warriors to boars), and so much more. Oh, and then there are Arthur's own scandals with his sibling and his sorceress sister's 99 problems. Arthurian Legend is definitely anything but the dull stuff of Medieval legend.