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Stories About Melania Trump's Childhood

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Melania Trump, the wife of the 45th POTUS, is definitely a mysterious woman. Her rags-to-riches life story is filled with weird tales from her childhood. Have you ever wondered, what was Melania Trump's childhood like? What was her experience growing up? The First Lady grew up in a pretty blue-collar environment, in a tiny Slovenian town. Her parents were known to be ambitious and encouraged her to take advantage of modeling opportunities.

The Donald apparently reminded her of her Communist dad, which made her like him all the more. Melania Trump is an enigma and people can't seem to find out if she really likes her life with The Donald. So, who was Melania Trump before Trump? Find out by reading strange stories about her youth below!

  • Her Father Was An Active Member Of The Communist Party

    Papa Knauss was an active Communist Party partisan back in the day. This was under the reign of dictator Josip Broz Tito. As a result, Melania wasn't formally baptized and didn't participate in communion during her childhood, since Communists banned organized religion.

    Viktor Knauss's relationship to the Communist party allowed him to get a job and provide for his family, according to second-hand accounts.

  • She And A Boyfriend Loved Dancing To Wham!

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    Melania must have mourned the passing of George Michael in 2016, since she loved boogying down to his band, Wham!, in her youth. A man who claims to be her first boyfriend, Peter Butoln, said the two fell in love when she was about 17.

    Butoln drove her around on the back of his Vespa to a local discotheque, where they danced (poorly, supposedly) to Wham! 

  • Melania Has Never Met Her Older Half-Brother

    Melania has an older paternal half-brother, son of her dad, Viktor Knauss. Before marrying Melania's mom, Viktor had a fling with a local girl and got her pregnant; he allegedly offered to wed her and asked for an abortion. The boy, Denis Cigelnjak, was born in 1965. 

    Viktor regularly denied paternity, despite suits going all the way up the legal ladder. Denis told GQ that he regrets not having his dad in his life and wouldn't mind meeting his half-sisters. 

  • Her Family Was Always Upwardly Mobile

    Melania followed in her dad's footsteps and worked to move past her middle-class roots, snagging fashion magazines and poring over them. Her dad proudly washed his cars in public and eventually acquired a Mercedes.

    Once Melania was "discovered" as a model, her father did as much as possible to support her. He even drove several hours to pick up leather dresses for her once.