16 Crazy Things Greek Gods & Goddesses Have Had Sex With  

Edira Putri
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In the world of the ancient Greeks, where the gods were not just powerful beings who could do just about anything they wanted to, but were also crazy about sex, there were no limits to the things the gods had sex with. As something central to the lives of the Greek gods, sex in myths was always the motive, the goal, or the means. With that much action going on, it’s not surprising that there are countless instances of weird sex in Greek mythology.

The Greek gods had a lot of weird sex going on with all kinds of things in all kinds of ways, but weird Greek god sex stories don’t stop there. Often the gods use their power to get laid, even if that means turning themselves into something else, like a horse, a snake, or even water. Some even prefer it that way: many gods turned themselves into something weird before having sex just for the hell of it.

The goddesses were not immune to weird sex practices, either. Some weird Greek goddess sex stories involved having sex with other gods in the form of animals and more. Read on for a list of weird things people in Greek mythology had sex with.

Iphimedeia Had Sex with Her Grandfather in the Form of Sea Water
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Despite being married to her own uncle, Aloeus, Iphimedeia had always been obsessed with the sea god Poseidon (in some tellings, her grandfather). Iphimedeia was so desperately in love that she would often go down to the seashore and pour the sea water into her vagina.

At last, Poseidon approached her in the form of sea water and Iphimedeia became pregnant with the god’s sons, Otos and Ephialtes, two giants who grew so rapidly, they exceeded the size of most humans by the age of nine.

Medusa Had Sex with a Bird, Then Became Cursed with Hair of Snakes
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There are many versions of the myth that explains how Medusa came to have the monstrous snake hair that will turn anyone who looks at her into stone. One version states that it has something to do with her sexual encounter with Poseidon. Medusa was in the temple of Athena when Poseidon saw and raped her, but not before he turned himself into a bird (other versions say the god turned himself into a horse) for reasons no one really knows.

After that, the goddess Athena, who felt insulted by this act taking place in her temple (Athena was a chaste goddess), cursed Medusa with the hideous snake hair.

Medusa became pregnant from that encounter, and when she was later beheaded by Perseus, the winged horse Pegasus sprang from her neck.

Hephaestus Impregnated the Earth, Creating a Boy So Terrifying, He Drove People to Suicide
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Athena has every reason to turn Hephaestus down. First and foremost, she was devoted to remaining a virgin. Second, Hephaestus was already married to Aphrodite. Also, just to add to it, he was not very good-looking - even Aphrodite had only agreed to marry him as part of an arrangement made by Zeus. That didn’t stop Hephaestus from trying to seduce Athena, however.

The goddess fled, and Hephaetus attempted to rape her, but she fought him off. During the struggle, his semen fell on the goddess's thigh, and as she wiped it to the ground, the earth (Gaia) got pregnant.

Almost in that instant, a boy emerged from the ground. Athena placed the baby in a box for safekeeping, but when three human women (princesses of Athens) opened the box and saw his hideous appearance, they went insane and leapt from the Acropolis, committing suicide.

Uranus Impregnated the Sea, Creating Aphrodite
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Uranus was the sexual partner of his mother, Gaia (Mother Earth). Together they bore the twelve Titans, the Cyclopes, and the Hecatoncheires. However, Uranus grew intimidated by his children’s power, so he prevented his children from being born and buried them back under the ground (which was technically also their mother’s womb).

Gaia asked her children for help, and Cronus (one of the Titans) was brave enough to castrate his father and throw his penis into the sea. A foam formed around the castrated penis and Aphrodite was born from that foam, just like that. (Blood from the injury also fell onto the ground the Giants and the Furies.)