7 Disturbing Studio Ghibli Fan Theories About Your Favorite Anime Films

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Ghibli is one of the studios that cinephiles can almost always count on to provide a healthy dose of childhood nostalgia (while making us shed uncontrollable tears at the same time), but these Studio Ghibli fan theories hint at the unsettling or surprising messages hidden just beneath the surface of some of Ghibli’s most feel-good films. Be warned - once you read some of these fan theories about Studio Ghibli fims, you might not be able to think of some of your favorite Ghibli characters in the same way.

There will always be people who want to spoil the fun, telling fans who come up with these theories that they have too much time on their hands, but revisiting and analyzing favorite works of fiction is a long-standing tradition, one that can only enrich the way a person experiences a work of art. So let's dust off our thinking caps and get to analyzing - and hopefully not forever mar Ghibil related childhood memories.