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The Most WTF Things You Can Buy on Amazon

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Some of the weirdest, most WTF products available to buy online can be found on Amazon. You can buy just about anything on the Internet these days, and Amazon's no exception. This list compiles the truly weird stuff on Amazon so that your votes can determine once and for all just which product for sale on Amazon is the strangest.

An e-commerce leader and no stranger to odd items, is where you turn when you're shopping for a gift to give to the person who has everything. What are the odds that they already own gloves made out of underpants, a tub of 1,500 ladybugs, or a jug of wolf urine? Unless this person is already familiar with the weird stuff on Amazon, the odds are slim.

Just imagine receiving an unexpected package from Amazon, only to open it and discover a detailed replica of five pounds of human fat. The only appropriate response: "WTF?" The online shopping site's inventory is so vast that fake fat isn't even guaranteed to be the strangest product on offer.

What's the craziest stuff on Amazon, then? That's up to you. Vote up the weirdest products below and just try to resist ordering some of these unbelievable items.