Graveyard Shift People Describe The Most Disturbing Things They've Seen While Riding The Subway  

Lowe Saddler
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You never know what weird things you'll encounter on the subway. Indeed, people from every walk of life use public transportation, and many of them have interesting quirks. Redditors, of course, spend ample time on the train, and boy have they seen some things. Their metro tales are disturbing, and more often than not, they involve a surprising amount of human excrement.

He Ate His Arm Hair

From Redditor /u/theytookthemall

Somewhere on the 4/5/6. A relatively normal-looking dude sat down at the very end of the car. He pulled out a battery-operated shaver and began to shave his arms. Every so often, he would pause, lick the shaved hair off his arm, and wash it down with a bottle of water.

He Loaded His Gun And Calmly Exited The Train

From Redditor /u/ckdCosmo4805:

Didn't happen to me, but a friend who lives out near Jamaica Queens. He's sitting on the E train going home with all you fine folks, as one does, and a dude pulls out a hand gun and apparently starts loading bullets in the clip.

Then calmly exits the train at the next station. I guess some things just can't wait.

She Kept Taking Crotch Shots

From Redditor /u/CarrotsforfreeProspect:

Sat next to a woman who alternated between taking selfies and crotch/butt shots of different men on the train. Like, really zoomed in on the crotches. It was pretty creepy.

She Kissed Her Pet Turtle

From Redditor /u/Tenniscoats

My sis once met a very nice, weird lady on the 7 making out with her pet turtle named Ziggy.