Weird Things Academy Award Winning Actors Have Done With Their Oscar Statues

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Where do actors keep their Oscar statues after winning them? As winning an Oscar is the highest honor you can achieve in the movie industry, it is one of the most coveted trophies. It can be tough to decide exactly what to do with the statue after the rush of winning wears off. While many display their Oscars proudly in their homes on the mantle or in a case, others have done some rather quirky things with their trophies.

Some of the weird things actors did with their Oscars include putting them in the refrigerator, a wine cabinet, and a pagoda. Other weird Oscar statue stories include an actor who left his trophy somewhere in Louisiana and another who had their statue cleaned only to have it go missing. While Oscar winning performances should be a source of pride, it's clear based on some stories that the little gold man is merely a hunk of metal, however nice the honor may be.

Here are 14 actors with some truly weird Oscar statue stories.