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From a smattering of stars to a breathtaking view of Earth, astronauts see so many awe-inspiring things in space. But sometimes what they see is not only unbelievable but unexplainable - there are some truly creepy things astronauts have seen in space. Astronauts have reported seeing weird lights, extraterrestrials, and UFOs. It kind of makes you wonder if they really saw these things or if being in outer space was just messing with their minds.

These weird astronaut stories prove space is definitely not for the faint of heart. Some weird things astronauts have seen really make you wonder if alien conspiracy theorists might be right. Maybe the government does know about the existence of extraterrestrials and is covering it up. This list of weird things astronauts see in space will make you question what you believe. Vote up the weirdest things astronauts have seen while in space.
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Neil Armstrong May Have Seen a UFO Parking Lot

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Neil Armstrong, besides strolling around the moon and saying some famous words, may have seen some gigantic UFOs in space. According to Aliens and Man: A Synopsis of Facts and Beliefs, during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, Armstrong reportedly sent a secret message to NASA stating, "These babies were huge, sir! Enormous! Oh, God! You wouldn't believe it! ... I'm telling you there are other space-craft out here ... lined up on the far side of the crater's edge! ... They're on the moon watching us!" 

Armstrong was notoriously tight-lipped about his experiences in space and never confirmed nor denied the veracity of this rumor. Armstrong passed away in 2012 and Buzz Aldrin has also refused to talk about the message, so we may never know what actually happened on the first manned mission to the moon.
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Major Gordon Cooper Watched A Green Orb Approach Him Out Of The Darkness

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During Major Gordon Cooper's solo journey around the earth, he encountered more than just some space junk. Nearing the end of his 22-orbit trip around the Earth, he suddenly noticed a green, glowing object approaching the Mercury capsule he was flying in. In fact, the rapid approach of the object was even picked up by the closest tracking station in Muchea, Australia. Cooper even went on to describe during a United Nations conference: 

"I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets... Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs... I did have occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them, of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe."

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Multiple Astronauts Saw Dazzling Light Shows

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During the Apollo 11 mission, astronauts reported seeing "light flashes" in their eyes. The crews of Apollo 12 and 13 were warned about this and reported that they also saw strange bursts of light, even when their eyes were closed. Experiments were conducted on the Apollo 14, 15, 16, and 17 missions to try and figure out what was causing these weird visions.

NASA found that the astronauts were seeing cosmic rays. We don't see cosmic rays here on Earth because they are absorbed by our atmosphere, but without that barrier in space, astronauts were seeing something no one had ever seen before.
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Musa Manarov Shot Footage Of An Alleged UFO

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During an MIR (kind of like a Russian International Space Station) mission 1991, Russian cosmonaut Musa Manarov was watching a visiting space capsule dock nearby. He was filming its approach when he saw an object that looked like it was coming off the spacecraft. But Manarov knew that there was simply nothing that could come loose at that point, and as he continued to watch the object, it floated downwards and away from the capsule. Manarov still can't explain what he saw up there, but he knows for sure that it was not space junk, as some people have claimed.