18 Weird Things People Saw Being Sold That Made Us Say "But Why?"

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From a non-returning boomerang stick to interesting clothing design choices, here are some of the strange things people have seen being sold that made us say "why?" Enjoy!

  • 1. Szechuan Sauce From McDonald's

    Szechuan Sauce From McDonald's
    Photo: u/twinliz / Reddit
    195 votes
  • 2. A Zip Tie "Bracelet"

    A Zip Tie "Bracelet"
    Photo: u/gabrielg10 / Reddit
    199 votes
  • 3. Air From A Kanye Concert

    Air From A Kanye Concert
    Photo: u/Queenie_Jelly / Reddit
    297 votes
  • 4. A Half-Violin

    A Half-Violin
    Photo: u/the-firebird / Reddit
    180 votes
  • 5. These "Shorts"

    These "Shorts"
    Photo: u/gabrielg10 / Reddit
    203 votes
  • 6. Garth Artwork

    Garth Artwork
    Photo: u/Roxablah / Reddit
    138 votes