offbeat 15 Super Weird Things That Were Once Found in Toilets  

Ashley Reign
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Remember when you were a kid and couldn't help but wonder about the urban legends that said alligators and other scary animals could crawl out of the toilet and attack? Well your inner child ain’t seen nothing yet. When it comes to gross things found in toilets, these real life stories will have you checking the loo thoroughly before you go.

Just when you thought that toilet dangers were only limited to gross port-a-potty smells and the poor aim of the guy who used the stall before you, here comes a whole new list of terrifying true stories to populate your nightmares. This is a round up of the gross stuff found in toilets all over the world, as well as a few flushed items that actually turned out to be pretty fascinating.

From folks who were horrified to find random animals chilling in their toilet bowls to archeologists who accidentally unearthed centuries-old treasures, this is some bathroom humor (and horror) that you don't want to miss. Check out some of the weirdest stuff ever to be flushed down the pipes!

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A Shit Load of Money... Literally

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As it turns out, being the most honest janitor in the world has its perks. When Chamindu Amarsinghe discovered $93,000 in both the trash bins and flushed down the pipes of an Australian toilet in 2011, he did the right thing and called in police to investigate. When the authorities failed to explain the money's origins, however, the world's coolest judge ruled that the janitor could keep $76,000 while awarding the rest to the state. 

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A Squirrel Who Somehow Took a Wrong Turn

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When a Winnipeg woman investigated a strange splashing sound in her bathroom one morning around 5am, she was stunned to find a distraught squirrel struggling to make his way out of the bowl. Luckily for the little guy, the quick thinking woman deposited him back out on her patio with a pair of BBQ tongs, but not before giving him a refreshing bath in the tub first. 

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A Live Bomb from World War 2

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When the police got a call to investigate a strange device discovered in an outdoor toilet in Stockport, England, they never suspected that it would turn out to be a live bomb from WW2. Houses in the area were evacuated and the bomb squad was called in to carefully remove the device, which then underwent a controlled explosion in a nearby park.

Most explosions in a bathroom are of the stinkier variety...

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This Adorable Baby Possum

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What do you do when your husband finds a baby possum randomly taking a dip in your toilet? If you're anything like this inspiring and calm San Antonio couple, you help the little guy out, take his picture, and give him the fantastically punny name Hairy Pot-ter. 
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