'Um.. No Thanks' People Are Sharing Stories Of Their Strangest Houseguests

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Sometimes we like to be nice and invite people into our home... and that can just backfire. These are some weird weird stories of house guests none of us would ever want. 

  • 1. Wearing Someone Else's Dirty Clothes

    From Redditor u/pm-me_ur_confessions

    An (ex)gf and I had an apartment years ago. She was still in touch with an ex. The Ex and his gf wanted to come to the area and we invited him and his gf to stay with us for the weekend.

    We all hit it off at dinner, great conversation and laughs, and was a great Friday night. We had a spare bedroom and thats where the two of them slept. FYI: We used this spare room also to store a few things, and to put our dirty clothes in hampers.

    I got up in the middle of the night to the both of them snacking in the kitchen. No biggie, I do it too and I told them to make themselves at home.

    Well, after chatting and having some chips/dip I caught on to what they both were wearing. Our clothes. Um what? Now I know that people sometimes offer up clothes like pjs/misc clothing to a guest that isnt prepared but they brought bags with them. What in the heck was in their bags that they needed to wear our clothes?

    Worse part was the shorts and tshirts that they both had on were dirty and visibly so. I told them we had clean clothes and offered that up but they said they were fine. They ended up leaving the next morning.

    But who stays at someone's place and wears their dirty clothes? Wtf? Yeah, we laughed about it after they left but I couldnt help but be creeped out.

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  • 2. Using The Owner's Toothbrush

    From Redditor u/RIGHT2SMITE:

    I had some work people over for a dinner party at my house. We purposely shut off the lights leading upstairs to sort of let the guests know that the party is downstairs...i.e. there is nothing for you upstairs.

    Throughout the night I would see one of my coworkers taking out the dip from his lip with his index finger and scraping it into his solo cup.

    A bit later I went upstairs to check on my dog and hear some noises from the master bedroom.

    I walked in and saw the same dude using my toothbrush to get dip out from in between his teeth.

    He doesn't get invited to parties anymore.

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  • 3. Disrespecting Brother's Ashes

    From Redditor u/captkronni

    I threw a New Years party once. ONCE. Someone I invited brought a group of people who I knew, but didn’t exactly enjoy the company of.

    Sometime around 1am, I noticed that my keepsake urn necklace containing my brother’s ashes was missing. Then, I discover a couple of small lines of powder-like material in lines on my bathroom counter. The f*ckers had tried to snort my brother and stole the necklace his remains were in. I was livid.

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  • 4. Shaved The Dog

    From Redditor u/chloeiko

    My uncle, aunt, and my mom travelled from another country to visit while I was in college, they stayed in my place. I had to leave for a class in the morning and left them in the house to chill. When I came back from my class, my uncle had shaved my shin-poo’s legs down thinking he did me a favor. My fluffy cute dog looked so ugly with naked legs. What’s worse? He somehow only shaved three and forgot the fourth leg.

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  • 5. Pantless Landlord

    From Redditor u/TheDood715

    When I was 14 my landlord came to our apartment to fix the toilet and he took his pants off and did the whole thing in his boxers.

    I was alone with my mom and ignored him but it was weird and when I told my dad he was furious.

    The landlord said he was going to a wedding later and didn't wanna dirty his pants but it was so f*cking weird that he just did it and never explained himself until my dad screamed on him.

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  • 6. Door Licker

    From Redditor u/Loros_Silvers

    Licked the door of my snacks closet. The door. Not the snacks.

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