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Weird Things Hipster Restaurants Use Instead Of Plates

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It takes a bold establishment to defy the dining etiquette of the plate and insert things used as plates in their stead. In the past decade, cities around the country have witnessed an explosion of hipster-chic restaurants who place their "locally sourced, cage-free" on alternative substitutes for plates. In reality, you just spent $17 to eat quinoa out of a used coffee filter, all in the name of new-age consumerism and food fusion.

If all the kitchens of the world were ran like any of these restaurants, you'd get your sandwiches served on a bicycle seat and kale salads stuffed into a hollowed-out copy of Infinite Jest. While it's unclear if these plate alternatives are a misguided attempt at being fashionable or some kind of confused plea for help, the anti-plate movement receives a lot of backlash from the Internet community. The subreddit /r/wewantplates documents the worst plate substitutes and expose the restaurants who take this practice too far. Bon appetit, maybe?

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    Veal Heart Served On A Horn

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    An actual kitchen nightmare, a reminder the thing you're eating was once alive. The only thing that could make this worse is if you found out that the veal is being served on its mom’s horn.

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    English Breakfast In A Shovel

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    In a little restaurant on the British Isle of Man, ordering a “fireman’s breakfast” is akin to saying “I want breakfast, but cook it in a shovel.” The shovel itself also arrives served on a plate, because apparently the shovel is too dirty to touch the table, but not your food.

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    Salted Meat On A Barbie Doll

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    There is so much gross going on in this photo it boggles the mind. For one, children's toys are rarely sanitary. Second, who wants to imagine tearing the flesh off of Barbie when they go out to eat? And third, now your child's gonna bug about why she doesn't have Gaga-at-the-Grammy's Barbie.

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    Tater Tots In A Real Shoe

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    One of two unacceptable things happened here: either A. this restaurant wasted an entirely good shoe for their aesthetic, or B. this restaurant provides used shoes to its customers. How do they not realize each scenario is either wasteful or disgusting, respectively? Those tots are definitely getting an extra layer of seasoning nobody ordered.

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