Weird Things Hipster Restaurants Use Instead Of Plates

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Vote up the plates that serve no purpose, much less your food.

It takes a bold establishment to defy the dining etiquette of the plate and insert things used as plates in their stead. In the past decade, cities around the country have witnessed an explosion of hipster-chic restaurants who place their "locally sourced, cage-free" on alternative substitutes for plates. In reality, you just spent $17 to eat quinoa out of a used coffee filter, all in the name of new-age consumerism and food fusion.

If all the kitchens of the world were ran like any of these restaurants, you'd get your sandwiches served on a bicycle seat and kale salads stuffed into a hollowed-out copy of Infinite Jest. While it's unclear if these plate alternatives are a misguided attempt at being fashionable or some kind of confused plea for help, the anti-plate movement receives a lot of backlash from the Internet community. The subreddit /r/wewantplates documents the worst plate substitutes and expose the restaurants who take this practice too far. Bon appetit, maybe?