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All The Most Insane Things In Superman's Fortress Of Solitude

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In the all the greatest interpretations of Superman throughout comics, movies, and TV shows, there is one constant in his lore: the Fortress of Solitude. It's Superman's home away from home, where he can go to relax, concentrate, and have some personal time. But have you ever noticed that there are a ton of insane things in his Fortress of Solitude? 

While Clark Kent has acquired all sorts of awesome powers as Superman, he has also acquired a ridiculous load of strange keepsakes in the Fortress of Solitude. Did you know about Superman's zoo filled with alien creatures? What about his giant, multi-screen, fast-paced TV? Or an entire civilization that's trapped inside a bottle? Read on for a list of some of the weirdest things that can be found in Superman's Fortress of Solitude and vote up any that are unusual, uncanny, or unexpected.

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    The Duplicator Ray

    In an attempt to have his own Superman, Lex Luthor used a Duplicator Ray to clone the Man of Steel to create his very own superhuman henchman. The result was an imperfect being now known as Bizarro. Bizarro would eventually take the ray into outer space to create his own world, Htrae ("Earth" spelled backwards). Superman eventually acquired another version of the Duplicator Ray and kept it in the Fortress of Solitude, instead of destroying it.

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    A Giant Steel Diary

    During the quiet times, some people like to sit down and write in a diary or journal to relax and record their thoughts, feelings, and memories. It's a therapeutic, personal exercise. Leave it to Superman to make a personal diary a display of his power. 

    Superman's gigantic diary is made of steel and he writes in it using his heat vision. The question isn't who he expects to hoist and read this titanic tome once he passes on - it's why didn't he just use a notepad or Word doc like everyone else?

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    The Titanic (And A Dinosaur Sculpture)

    One of the biggest conversation pieces that Superman has in the Fortress of Solitude is the actual goddamn Titanic. For reasons that were never fully explored or explained, Superman salvaged it and now just keeps it in his trophy room. He and Lois Lane even have dinner in one of the ship's dining cabins in All-Star Superman.

    Oh, and he has a giant mechanical dinosaur that is replica of the one Batman has in the Bat Cave. For reasons. 

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    The Atomic Cauldron

    Deep within the Fortress of Solitude is the Atomic Cauldron, the most potent and powerful furnace in the world. This furnace uses Sunstone crystals for fuel and powers the entire fortress. You would figure that if Superman truly wanted world peace, he'd use the Atomic Cauldron's copious energy to provide free power worldwide, thus stopping wars over oil, but he hordes it all for himself for some reason.

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