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All The Most Insane Things In Superman's Fortress Of Solitude

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In the all the greatest interpretations of Superman throughout comics, movies, and TV shows, there is one constant in his lore: the Fortress of Solitude. It's Superman's home away from home, where he can go to relax, concentrate, and have some personal time. But have you ever noticed that there are a ton of insane things in his Fortress of Solitude? 

While Clark Kent has acquired all sorts of awesome powers as Superman, he has also acquired a ridiculous load of strange keepsakes in the Fortress of Solitude. Did you know about Superman's zoo filled with alien creatures? What about his giant, multi-screen, fast-paced TV? Or an entire civilization that's trapped inside a bottle? Read on for a list of some of the weirdest things that can be found in Superman's Fortress of Solitude and vote up any that are unusual, uncanny, or unexpected.

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    The Bottled City Of Kandor

    Before the planet Krypton was destroyed, the supervillain Brainiac miniaturized one of its prominent cities, Kandor, and kept it in a bottle. Superman would eventually take the shrunken city from Brainiac and keep it locked in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman vowed to the Kandor citizens that he would find a way to restore the city back to its actual size, but has been unsuccessful. You would think that a quick phone call to the Atom would solve the problem within a day, but it seems like Superman prefers to keep the city as his own Kryptonian ant farm. 

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    An Alien Zoo

    Nations from across the world have come together to form sanctuaries for endangered animals on Earth, but what about endangered species across the galaxy? Superman molded a special section of his Fortress as a wildlife preserve for various endangered alien species. However, there's no real explanation for Superman's overall plan of reintroducing these creatures back to their home planets or how they are all able to coexist. 

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    A Baby Sun Eater

    One of the largest and most unwieldy creatures that Superman keeps in the Fortress of Solitude is a dark being that literally eats suns. In All-Star Superman, he reveals to Lois that he has a pet baby sun eater in the Fortress. Using a cosmic anvil from New Olympus, Superman creates miniature suns to keep the sun eater well-fed, sprinkling tiny suns like chicken feed. God help mankind if Superman ever forgets to feed that thing.

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    The Titanic (And A Dinosaur Sculpture)

    One of the biggest conversation pieces that Superman has in the Fortress of Solitude is the actual goddamn Titanic. For reasons that were never fully explored or explained, Superman salvaged it and now just keeps it in his trophy room. He and Lois Lane even have dinner in one of the ship's dining cabins in All-Star Superman.

    Oh, and he has a giant mechanical dinosaur that is replica of the one Batman has in the Bat Cave. For reasons. 

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