The Weirdest Things Hidden In Where's Waldo Images

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During all that time you spent searching for Waldo, you probably never noticed all the weird things in Where's Waldo scenes.

The hectic, crowded nature of each scene allows illustrators to insert little jokes without much fuss. Since winning involves finding Waldo, most people never notice the strange characters and dirty jokes from Where's Waldo books. Some of these hidden illustrations simply depict wild or unusual situations, such as mermaids or exploding biceps. However, much like subtle adult jokes in Dr. Seuss, many of these Where's Waldo Easter eggs have a secondary meaning. Kids won't understand it, but mommy, daddy, or the babysitter reading the book certainly will. Though far from the only dirty jokes that went over your head as a kid, these ridiculous scenarios in Where's Waldo reveal that a lot of your childhood was much dirtier than you ever realized. 

Waldo might be the celebrity of these books, but these ridiculously strange guests deserve their time in the spotlight.