True Stories That Were Too Ridiculous For Historical Movies To Include

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Historical movies aren't history. It's common knowledge that movies based on historical events routinely omit facts, distort narratives, and sometimes just make stuff up. There are all kinds of reasons why filmmakers do or don't include a particular historical detail, but today we're focusing on one specific case: stories that are true but still too weird to include. 

Sometimes, these stories are omitted because they strike the wrong tone for the movie. A serious drama about the final days of WWII probably doesn't need a realistic depiction of a certain chancellor's flatulence. But it still would have been historically accurate. On the other hand, some details just sound so far-fetched that most audience members would assume the filmmakers were making them up for dramatic effect, which could undermine the serious movie. But the saying "truth is stranger than fiction" is a cliche for a reason. 

Today, we're going to cover the weird details that filmmakers ignored. And for some of these movies, including the strange stuff might have made them even better.