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The 12 Weirdest Things People Have Actually Eaten

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There's always that one person with strange eating habits: Mayonnaise with peanut butter and jelly, cheese on their morning cereal, salt and pepper on apple slices. And while gross, those pale in comparison to some truly bizarre food choices - impossibly large or weird objects, an absurd number of non-edible things, and things you should never, ever put in your mouth. While this might seem like some pretty odd behavior, it's hard not to be absolutely fascinated by all the weird things people eat.

So, try not to be too grossed out as you find out more about these weird things to eat. A few of these are kind of disturbing, so maybe don't read this while eating your lunch.

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    5,000 Light Bulbs

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    Believe it or not, you can become famous for eating typically non-edible objects. Case in point is a man named Todd Robbins. While traveling around the country working at various magic shows in the 1980s, he became famous for eating light bulbs.

    He bites into lightbulbs like some people eat apples. He estimates he has eaten more than 5,000 light bulbs in his career, and he's still doing it today. He claims the only injuries he's suffered from this untraditional snack have been a few cracked teeth. How illuminating. 

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    The Ashes of a Loved One

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    When someone dies, what's the proper way to honor their memory? A memorial headstone, a donation to a charity, maybe a plaque somewhere? For one woman named Casie, those things just weren't enough.

    When her husband died, she began eating his ashes. She would take small finger dips or handfuls of the ashes, and then eat them. When she wasn't eating the ashes, she was toting them around town where ever she went. Apparently for Casie, she wasn't serious about "'til death do we part." 

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    Dirty Diapers

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    Yes, this woman munches on dirty diapers. A woman identified only as Keyshia went on TLC's My Strange Addiction to share with the world her love of dirty diapers. For a diaper to taste the best, it must have pee in it, and the more urine the better. She describes them as having a sour candy-like flavor, and she's become addicted to chewing on the diapers, sucking on them, eating them, and smelling them. Her husband-to-be isn't exactly fond of this habit, and doctors say it's really unhealthy. She gets the diapers from her friends, family, and even from perfect strangers in order to feed her ongoing habit. 

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    An Entire Bedroom

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    Pica, an eating disorder that drives people to eat things not meant for eating, tends to affect children more often than adults. As is the case of 9-year-old Zach, a non-verbal kid who likes eating stuff in his room. Literally all of it: carpet, his toys, blinds, wallpaper, and even parts of the drywall itself. His parents are still trying to prevent this, but in less than a decade of life, Zach has consumed pretty much everything in his room to some degree. His mother is currently outfitting a special room that will be far less edible, and will hopefully prevent his eating habits from coming back to bite him. 

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