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People Reveal The Craziest Things They've Ever Done For Money

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Money talks, and its persuasive tone gets people to perform all kinds of strange things all in the name of the hustle.

Because money makes the world go around, there exists no shortage of strange ways people make money. While not necessarily the worst jobs in the world, the weird things people do for money usually involve less-than-ideal job requirements such as imbibing a gross substance, mild vandalism, and cleaning up people's bodily messes. Admittedly, some of the worst ways people make money qualify as dares rather than jobs, but hey, that's an untaxed business transaction right there. 

Redditors went about sharing the stupidest things people did for money, and they do not fail to disappoint. Just like the strangest celebrity jobs, the weird ways people make money serve to remind everyone how far you've come. You can't control the weather, but with a weird side hustle you can always make it rain.

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    Spice Up Your Life

    From Redditor /u/_wiener:

    "Snorted wasabi. It was not worth two dollars."

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    Start Your Business Young

    From Redditor /u/imbignate:

    "Freshman and sophomore year of high school, the teachers in the math department used not only multiple choice tests but they all used the same tests. It was lazy and dumb but there you have it.

    Anyhow, this was in the age where the TI-83 reigned supreme and the internet was still catching on. I discovered a program online that would let me download programs from my computer into the calculator to make programming faster, but I realized that you could just put in text files.

    I started out just downloading notes, formulae, etc. into my calculator and using them as a crib sheet, but then I got even more clever. I could sell these digital crib sheets to everyone for $5-per-test and make a fortune. We had weekly quizzes and monthly tests, quizzes were $2-per-crib and tests were $5 and it got to the point where I was selling upwards of 300 cribs per week.

    Then I realized something: the file for answers to a multiple choice test would just be a 10 or 15 digit hex key or a really big-*ss number. By this time I had friends working distribution for me so we realized that all you would have to do would convert the hex to a base 10 and then it would just look like a ridiculously long nonsense number. I had two buddies in first period math so we would compare our keys after the test, go with our best, and then start distributing in the halls and sell the sh*t out of those.

    We sold to the good students, we sold to the slackers, and we could even sell to kids who didn't have calculators. Having a random number scrawled on your arm became standard and I don't know what the teachers ever thought about the consistency in test taking.

    Those two years my network and I probably made about $500 per month just selling our knowledge and we walked the halls as gods among men while also beginning my career as a software developer."

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    Someone's Into Waterworks

    From Redditor /u/HTKSmite:

    "An old boss of mine paid me $100 to pee on his feet once behind the restaurant I worked at. Easiest money ever."

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    Moving Pills At An Early Age

    From Redditor /u/aninnymouseyall:

    "When I was 13, I started stealing my mom's old prescription pills. She never took her meds and also had lots leftover from previous surgeries. I started selling the extras to make a little extra money to buy my own drugs and the like.

    Before I knew it someone was telling me I had to meet this guy because if I really wanted to move my sh*t, he was the guy to talk to. He was some 30-year-old guy in a nice-*ss house. He basically used me as a runner for him, but he'd give me a lovely cash bonus if I ever brought him any Valium. Apparently he was always looking for it, and that was something I took from my mom a lot.

    It wasn't until years later that I realized how f*cked up it was. This guy was using kids to sell a large amount of prescription pills. He would tell us to always carry backpacks, never purses, no make up allowed ever and once or twice he told me to wear my hair up in pony tails. He knew that the younger we looked, the less likely we were to get searched.

    I got jumped once and they took all my stuff. I had to go into random buildings and make transactions with creepy older people. All for a pathetic cut, a cut he knew he could get away with because I was 13 and all I wanted was some weed and some pills."

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