15 Weird Things People Witnessed At A Friend's House That Was Totally Normal To The Friend

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Have you ever seen something at a friend's house that was totally insane to you but completely normal to them? These people sure have. Here's 15 of the best examples of weirdness witnessed at a friend's place from this trending AskReddit thread.

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    Bed Bugs

    From Redditor u/bayygel:

    "Don't worry about the bed bugs, they don't hurt that much."

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    Total Silence During Dinner

    From Redditor u/Butwhytwo:

    I had a friend when I was 13-14 who’s family didn’t speak at all when they ate dinner. The first time I ate there I tried to make conversation and got a super weird glare and shake of the head from the mom. After dinner was done everyone would just go back to doing whatever. I remember thinking at the time while I ate in awkward silence “why would anyone want to eat like this everyday? I come from a family of 8 where dinners were chaos so maybe I was conditioned too far the other way.

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    Saving Chewed Gum

    From Redditor u/ProjectDirectory:

    My friend took the gum out of his mouth and put it on a plate in the refrigerator.

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    Smoke Detectors Constantly Ringing

    From Redditor u/MattonieOnie:

    x5-? amount of smoke alarm battery warning "beeps", all going off every 10 minutes. No need to replace the batteries. Just get used to the beeps going off randomly, and then sometimes all at the same time. How do you live, or even sleep with that happening?

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    A Cow Just Chilling In The Living Room

    From Redditor u /Veg305:

    Had a friend who’s family lived on a huge property and kept cows for the property tax exemption, not odd.. he told me to come by and get some purple ringers he collected for me.. invited me in to meet his parents and I swear to god, there was a fullsize cow chilling on one of their couches in the living room. That sight was way more wild than any of the hallucinations later experienced. Really nice people though lol..

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    Dinner And Dessert In The Same Bowl

    From Redditor u /President_Calhoun:

    When I was in high school, a friend asked me and two other friends to his house for dinner. His mom served homemade bean soup, which was very good. Toward the end of the main course, she brought out chocolate cake for dessert. She cut each of us a slice and plopped it into our bowls... in which we each still had about an inch of soup. Us guests exchanged puzzled glances, but the family dug right in, so apparently chocolate cake soaked in bean soup was an ordinary thing for them.