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Things We All Do In RPGs That Would Be Insane IRL

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Vote up the things you always do in RPGs, which, now that you think about it, are actually totally bizarre.

If real life were an RPG, three things are certain: all pockets would suddenly expand with near-infinite spacial capacity, you wouldn't want to piss off chickens, and everyone would all behave like morally bankrupt cretins at one point or another in our play-through of life.

Most things in RPGs you would never do in real life, and for good reason. It's admittedly insane to stand in front of someone saying "A, A, A, A, A," over and over again until they stop talking. Not to mention the violence in RPG - making and looting corpses is generally frowned upon, yet it's an essential facet of most RPGs.

Weird things that seem normal in RPGs aren't always deadly. Some are just the death of social etiquette. Although there's something oddly compelling about being able to end boring small-talk with the press of a button at no offense to the talker, eh?

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    Entering Someone's Home And Stealing Their Stuff While They Stare At You

  • 2

    Riding Your Horse Up A Cliff Instead Of Just Using The Provided Road

  • 3

    Carrying Everything You Own In The World On Your Person

  • 4

    Drinking Random Potions That May Or May Not Kill You

  • 5

    Purposely Avoiding Saving The World To Go Fishing

  • 6

    Looting The Dead

  • 7

    Breaking Every Vase You Encounter

  • 8

    Using Someone's Smith-ing Equipment Without Experience Or Asking To Do So

  • 9

    Throwing Things On The Ground When They Prove Too Much To Carry

  • 10

    Picking Every Door, Cage, Lock, Window, And Chest You Pass

  • 11

    Eavesdropping On Everyone's Important Conversations

  • 12

    Asking Probing Questions With No Respect For Conversational Flow

  • 13

    Making Someone Repeat Themselves Until Something Different Occurs

  • 14

    Running Around As Naked As Possible

  • 15

    Hitting Trees Expecting Rewards

  • 16

    The Normality Of A Nine-Year-Old Kid Slaying Giant Monsters

  • 17

    Jumping Incessantly While Waiting For Someone To Stop Talking

  • 18

    Reading Books And Expecting To Get Better At Something, Then Getting Mad When You Don't

  • 19

    Sheathing And Unsheathing A Weapon As A Dance Move

  • 20

    Helping Yourself To Any Stranger's Kitchen

  • 21

    Collecting Spider Legs And Other Dismembered Animal Parts

  • 22

    Shouting Offensive Statements In The Town Square