The Strange Things You Can Actually Rent

This comprehensive list of strange things you can rent covers the gamut of unusual rental businesses. From funny rentals, such as goats to do your landscaping and eat weeds to private island rentals for the 1% to a pilgrim to walk your pilgrimage for you and even a sex doll for when you want to act out a secret fantasy, there is truly something for everyone.

If you need someone to be your big or little spoon, you can actually rent a person to platonically cuddle you. If you need an entire crowd for your last minute campus rally, never fear - Crowds on Demand has you covered with an impressive number of enthusiastic folks to support your cause. Need a bridesmaid to be the responsible one and look after the others to make sure they show up on time and don't get embarrassingly drunk during your wedding? You can - you guessed it - rent a responsible bridesmaid. From the utterly weird (humanoid robots) to the oddly practical (a person to stand in line for you to score tickets or a newly released game), this list of weird things you can rent will amuse you, confuse you, and make you realize that if you think you can rent it, you probably can.

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    Someone To Be Your Big (Or Little) Spoon

    You can hire a professional platonic cuddler to snuggle with you for just $60-80 an hour - and it's a mood-booster that's cheaper than therapy.

    According to the Snuggle Buddies website: "Platonic human touch releases oxytocin (chemical in our brains), which is why touch therapy and professional cuddling services have been so successful. Oxytocin plays a major role in lowering blood pressure and stress levels, reducing social anxiety, helping to relieve pain, and protecting against inflammation, which is said to make us age faster! Snuggling is an extremely important part of life that is considerably undervalued. It helps us grow mentally and physically because of the chemical changes it causes in the body."

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    Sex Doll Brothels Rent By The Hour 

    If you'r feeling amorous but feel weird about hiring an escort, a sex doll can be one alternative.

    Sex doll brothels actually exist, enabling customers to rent time with dolls in an intimate setting without the hassel of clean-up or storage. 


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    A Humanoid Robot So You Can Practice Your Pick Up Lines

    Renting an Actroid - a humanoid robot that can mimic human voices and mannerisms - is possible in Japan through a company called Kokoro. They're available in three different looks, known as DER1, DER2, and DER3.

    Having access to something so eerily human will cost you though - the standard rental price is around $3,500 for 3 days.

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    A Bridesmaid For Your Wedding

    When Jen Glantz wrote a Craigslist ad announcing her bridesmaid services, the overwhelming response encouraged her to start a business called, quite literally, Bridesmaid for Hire - where she offers her services as a professional bridesmaid. 

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    Paparazzi Who Will Give You The Star Treatment

    Famous for a Day is a company that provides paparazzi so you or a friend can practically live like a true celebrity, experiencing the glamor that comes with being blinded by nonstop camera flashes.

    Is a good friend having a birthday and you want to give him or her the star treatment? Fake yet realistic paparazzi will follow them around all day, ensuring they never forget it's their special day.

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    An Entire Crowd If Your Presidential Campaign Isn't Going Well

    Crowds on Demand provides enthusiastic crowds at rallies and events - and even claims to be able to turn your campaign around.

    CEO Adam Swart claims: "I have found our approach has led to increased poll numbers and, in many cases, made the margin of victory..."

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