Times Cults Shows Up On Shows You'd Never Expect To Have Cults

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There comes a time in the life of every TV show when the writers run out of ideas and decide to inject some drama into their show with some unexpected cult plotlines. Either a beloved character will get sucked into a group that’s similar to one of the world’s many active cults or in the case of a show like Law & Order, the detectives will end up investigating a cult. Some shows, like Millennium, were built around the concept of a cult, so it’s not weird for them to deal with the day to day of cult life. But family friendly shows with cults in them always felt out of place in the Friday night lineup.

There are so many weird ways cults have been in TV shows and none of them feel natural. Even during the best times cults popped up in TV shows, a character always has to pretend that the cult has existed forever and that the audience is just now hearing about it. Cults randomly popping up on your favorite program are a bit like when a familial relations plotline would sneak onto a TV show; it’s always unexpected and rarely welcomed. Usually when a TV show decided to veer off into a cult plotline, that spelled certain doom for the quality of the show. There are a few shows that managed to get away with embedding a cult in their universe without doing any irreparable harm to the quality of the show, and the following round up will attempt to parse the bad from the good while helping you decide whether or not you should be worried about the cult in discussion.