20 Weird Cargo Spills You Can't Help But Gawk At

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This list of weird cargo spills is full of nasty, funny, and just plain weird truck spill incidents. These truck spills are fascinating stories that will make you glad you weren't stuck in traffic behind any of these trucks. Some of them are shocking while others are confusing but they all have one thing in common: they're all true. The weirdest things that spilled on highways are listed here - everything from animals and insects, to foods and every day items.

These cargo incidents range from the 2,200 baby pigs who spilled out of a truck in Ohio to the 80,000 pounds of Christmas ham that fell out of a truck in Georgia. Fresh fish, anyone? How about 600 mackerel or hundreds of live crabs in China? If you don't want the real thing, then check out the 29,000 rubber duckies that fell out of a boat. If you're in the market for just about anything, check your local traffic report. Maybe some, or even thousands, of what you need recently spilled right out onto the roadway.

A lot of these cargo spills and car accidents, which have led to wacky things falling out of trucks, make for wild stories and we have the photos to prove it. Upvote the craziest truck spill stories below, and remember to pass semi trucks with great caution, or you might end up under a pile of Porta Potty waste.

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    29,000 Rubber Duckies

    29,000 Rubber Duckies
    Video: YouTube
    29,000 plastic yellow ducks manufactured by Friendly Floatee toys departed from Hong Kong on a container ship in 1992. However, there was a cargo spill and the ducks ended up falling out of the boat. This mass release led to a mass dispersion of the rubber duckies, which found themselves all over the place, including in the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
    Source: CNN
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    Three Tons Of Gold Bars

    Three Tons Of Gold Bars
    Video: YouTube

    In March 2018, an aircraft that belonged to a private mining company had a notable runway accident in Siberia. The plane was carrying nine tons of doré bars, an expensive brand of gold. The cargo was worth roughly $368 million, but disaster ensued when the strong Siberian winds knocked open a hatch door. One third of the cargo spilled onto the runway. While the lost profits probably made the company cringe, the gold dotting the runway was certainly pretty to look at. 

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    12 Tons Of Chocolate


    On May 9, 2018, a four lane highway in Poland closed due to a tanker that overturned. The truck was carrying 12 tons of liquid chocolate, which quickly oozed out onto the sidewalk. The cleanup involved firefighters using streams of hot water to wash away the brown, gooey chocolate oozing onto the road. 

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    2,200 Baby Pigs

    2,200 Baby Pigs
    Video: YouTube

    Welcome to Ohio, where 2,200 piglets might fall out of a truck at any moment. This truck spill reached animalistic proportions when the load, carrying over 2,000 piglets, emptied onto the side of the road. Some of them fled the scene and escaped before authorities arrived, which probably inspired the film Babe: Pig in the City.

    Source: USA Today
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    Thousands of Oranges


    In an amazing opportunity to make fresh orange juice, San Diego was shocked by a truck spill in September 2014. A truck's trailer overturned on a street and, when California Highway Patrol arrived, they found thousands upon thousands of oranges littered all over the road.

    Source: BuzzFeed

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    Slime Eels Coat An Oregon Road

    Slime Eels Coat An Oregon Road
    Video: YouTube

    A spill of a creepy, slimy creatures - better known as hagfish - caused a traffic jam in Oregon. It also caused nightmares for the unsuspecting drivers who happened to get doused in the eels while driving down the road.

    According to the Washington Post, 3.4 tons of hagfish spilled along an Oregon highway in July 2017. The shipment was bound for Korea - where eels are considered a delicacy. The spill coated cars in water, eels, and - most disgustingly - eel slime. A small bulldozer had to clear the road of eels. So. Gross. 

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