Trump's Bizarre Diet Is Basically What A Five-Year-Old Would Eat  

Donn Saylor
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Q: What do you call someone who wants to eat junk and fast food around the clock, throws a hissy fit if that food isn't delivered hot and perfect, and has weird eating rituals and habits?

A: No, not a young child, but the current President of the United States.

The facts about Donald Trump's diet are in some ways as surprising as every week of his presidency. In other ways, they are absolutely galling; his is the diet of a child left unchecked.

His bizarre diet mirrors a lot of the more bizarre things that Trump's done. He claims to be a billionaire (but without seeing his tax returns, we'll never know for sure) and his homes are filled with gold facades, crystal chandeliers, and high-pile carpet. The president's food choices, though, are hardly glamorous. Is his diet a ruse to make die-hard disciples believe that, while he's rich, he's also a man of the people? Perhaps. However, Donald Trump's favorite foods could likely be another indication that this man is unfit: unfit for office, unfit for good health and unfit for his clothing.

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He Consumes 12 Diet Cokes Per Day


According to the New York Times, Trump has a definite beverage of choice: Diet Coke. He reportedly drinks 12 cans a day, which equates to 144 ounces – more than a gallon.

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He Makes Aides Scramble To Get His Egg McMuffins And Burger
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When Trump wants his Egg McMuffins and burgers, he wants them at certain times and he isn't willing to wait. His staffers often rush to ensure that he has his presidential junk food when he snaps his fingers. During a fast food meal at a campaign stop, he left a top aide behind when the aide requested a special-order burger that took longer to prepare. "Leave him," Trump demanded. "Let's go." So, they did.

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He Throws A Tantrum If His Fast Food Isn't Hot Enough

Like any toddler who doesn't get what he wants when he wants it, Trump makes a scene if his fast food isn't delivered hot and fresh to his personal trough. Former aide Corey Lewandowski and other staffers would elaborately plan out how and when to get Trump's fast food orders so they would be served piping hot and dripping with grease. "The orchestrating and timing of Mr. Trump's meals was as important as any other aspect of his march to the presidency," insiders claim. If the food wasn't hot enough, "there would be hell to pay."

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He Eats His Steak Well Done And Drenched In Ketchup

Ordering a well-done steak should be a misdemeanor offense. Not only does it tend to make for a dry, colorless brick of pseudo-meat, but it robs the steak of both tenderness and nutrients. Not that President Donald Trump cares about things as icky as nutrition. He will only eat steak that has been cooked until its unrecognizable. Even then, he drenches the steak in ketchup (surely another misdemeanor). According to his butler, Trump's steak would "would rock on the plate, it was so well done."

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